Back Catalog of Bonus Episodes

These episodes, previously available as Patreon bonus episodes, are now also available to non-Patreon subscribers for the cost of $5 each. Just send me an email with the name(s) of the episode(s) you want, remit $5 per episode to me at, and I will get an MP3 of each episode you purchase winging its way to your email address.

For Your Ears Only

This one covered a lot of ground. What can I say?

Synergistic Satire, Versatility, and Time Travel

The staff were exhausted after finishing this episode. But it was worth it. Holly did her usual fine job of coming up with a title and providing me with well-researched content, and Ivy’s editing work turned a recording filled with long pauses into a tight narrative, and as usual, ruthlessly culled my “um’s” from it. In any case, I hope you enjoy this episode, which first appeared as the first subscriber-only episode of 2020.


Reminiscences, Reflections, Ruminations…. and Gold Babies

This was the second bonus episode for December 2019. It just seemed to work somehow, birdwalking and all.

And Nothing But The Truth?

This first Patreon subscriber only episode explores the (mis)adventures of William deWorde as he searches for the Truth, invents journalism, and narrowly avoids death. All in a day’s work for the intrepid editor of the Ankh-Morpork Times. 

The Truth Two Too

Here’s the all-tier Patreon patron bonus episode for December. Whew! As per the suggestion of one of you wonderful people, this show is a further exploration of The Truth. I hope you enjoy it. 

Love is On the Air

From February 2020

Memory, Mortality, Golems and Goblins

So we go from a story about a Great Dane to a consideration of Sir Terry’s development as a satirist and social critic– and along the way we do explore memory, mortality, golems and (broadly speaking) goblins. 

The Portal Evening News: 6 March, Year of the Condescending Carp

Pretty much just what it says. The first bonus episode for March 2020.

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