Season Five Contest – Get Home!

This season’s contest is going to be a bit different. In order to participate, select any proper name from the Discworld novels– be it a person, place or thing– and create an anagram of it. You may add, change, and/or omit one letter from the original name. The name of the contest is an anagram of “The Gnome,” using the contest rules– in this case the omission of the letter “O”.

This is Ivy searching for a good name to use for the contest. I haven’t had the heart to tell her she’s not eligible to enter.

The Rules

When you have your anagram ready, email to me at Deadline for entries is 5 PM US Pacific time on March 27th, 2020. Only one entry per listener will be accepted.

All entries will be posted on this page, and on the show’s Discord server, by Monday March 30th. Listeners will then have an opportunity to vote for their favorite anagram from the list of entries. Again, this vote must be submitted by email to

The winner will be announced during the final show of Season 5.

The Prize

The winner of the contest will be entitled to request a show on any Discworld topic he/she/they see fit. This show will be a command performance– that is, it will be heard by the winner only (unless they choose to share it with another person.) Finally, I will be glad to personalize the show with any message(s) to a loved one(s) you might wish. You could even propose marriage this way– although I’m not sure it would be a good idea to count on that. Winning the contest, that is. Whether or not you count on a marriage proposal being accepted is of course entirely up to you.

So get that brain thinking “anagram” and send your entry in today. Good luck to all, and remember: no turtles, cats, or other four-legs will be harmed in the course of this contest.

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